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New Post 11/16/2017: My Journey: Filling the Gap

Updated ICB Page with Intro 10/11/2017

My name is Dori, and I am a scholar/artist in service to YHWH @Élöhîm, a fan of His storytelling and creative artistry.

My Journey Begins . . .

When I was 40 years old, YHWH @Élöhîm called me to be a scholar/artist. Although I had already lived 40 years, in many ways, this call was the beginning of my journey. All that had gone before was training and prep to do this task, this good work, which He had created me to do. It took a few years before I understood how to describe this task, but ultimately, it came down to this.

A scholar/artist in pursuit of the knowledge of God (daøath @élöhîm) with a focus on YHWH @Élöhîm as a Creative Artist, pursuing the truth of His Story and appreciating the beauty of His artistry as an expression of Who He is.

It’s been an interesting journey over the past 20 years, and it’s not over yet.

Badgerholt 2.0 is a place to share through pages and blog posts what YHWH @Élöhîm has taught me about His Story, His through line, and who He is, to the praise of His holy Name.  I invite you to read my writings in the hopes that what you read will enhance your worship of the Most High God, YHWH @Élöhîm, Maker of heaven and earth, for so He says He is in His written word, the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures called The Bible.

May the grace and peace of the God and Father of my Lord Jesus Christ be with you.


“I will remember the deeds of Yäh ~      
   Surely I will meditate on Your wonders of old #
and I will ponder on all Your historical acts ~
   and on Your deeds I will muse #
@Élöhîm, in the holiness [is] Your way ~  
   who [is] a great @ël like @Élöhîm? #
You, the @Ël who does wonders ~    
   You make known among the people Your strength #
You redeemed with strength Your people ~  
   the sons of Yaøáqöv and Yôsëph  Seläh ” #

         Psalms 77.12-15  (my literal translation)