Musings on Scholarship

YHWH @Élöhîm did not call me as a mainstream scholar but rather as a non-mainstream scholar. I doubt anything I write will be published in a peer-reviewed journal because I did not go through the prescribed track to obtain the credentials of a doctorate or master’s degree in any specialty field.

My Master’s is in Library Science, which honed my research and organizational skills but did not include a concentration on any given academic subject. My primary interests have always been history and drama, but that includes the history of just about anything and the drama of storytelling in any format. I am more of a generalist than a specialist, more of a researcher than a professor.

Rûãch @Élöhîm did not lead me to mainstream scholarship (outside of the International Standard Bible Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Judaica, and translation materials) until a couple of years ago. Before that, He led me to non-mainstream scholars and other researchers not even claiming to be scholars, such as Dr. E.L. Martin, Dr. A.C. Custance, and—dare I say it?—Ron Wyatt.  The one mainstream scholar Rûãch @Élöhîm led me to was Dr. David R. Rohl, but I do not get the impression that mainstream Egyptologists accept much of his work.

Rûãch @Élöhîm did lead me to the Second Temple Period writers and writings, such as Josephus, Eusebius, Maccabees, The Book of Jubilees, etc. However, after reading The Book of Jasher (the one floating around on the Internet), I concluded it was NOT The Book of Jasher cited in Scripture. I think it is a work of historical fiction written no earlier than the Renaissance and probably later; it did not show up until the 1600s. The Book of Enoch did not have much bearing on my particular studies.

But mostly Rûãch @Élöhîm had me study the details of the Biblical text in depth to see what was there, regardless of the traditions, records, and doctrines of men. Now, 20 years into it, He’s leading me to see what the cultural context was of His written Word and more of what mainstream scholarship has to say. It’s all very interesting.

May the grace and peace of the God and Father of my Lord Jesus Christ be with you.