My Journey: Filling the Gap

Well, looking into the 430 years and 400 years question was a bit of a detour, but one thing it did do was establish that, according to Scripture, the 430 years counts from when @Avrähäm entered the land of Kenaøan and the benê-Yisrä@ël left Mitsräyim. The importance of that was I now had a running count for the ICB in which to fit all the events between the two anchor events.

Now, the next step was to fill in the years between the death of Lëwî and the Exodus. The Bible gives only a few life years during that time, but there are at least two life year dates that gave me a starting point: Möshëh was 80 years old when he stood before Parøôh and @Aárön was 83 years old (Exodus 7.7).

Click here to read the story of how I filled in the rest of the 430 years in the ICB Chronology.

Grace and peace to you,