My Journey: Solving a Logic Puzzle

Well, that was fun, figuring out how old Yaøáqöv was when he fell in love with Rächël based on the time clues given in Scripture. But what next? I still wasn’t thinking of this in terms of building an internal chronology of the Bible but that’s what I’d started doing in charting events by life years.

I don’t remember any longer why I kept charting life years. I guess I just got interested in it. I’ve always been interested in story chronologies, like Tolkien’s “Tale of Years” in The Lord of the Rings appendices. I grew up reading fantasy/sci fi novels and discovered many of the multi-volume series had inconsistant chronologies. I actually did chronology charts for some of them because I had picked up on the inconsistancies while reading the stories and wanted to know exactly what was what. Looking back now, I can see Rûãch @Élöhîm was training me to do a chronology of His Story:  only His Story is a true story.

So, what did I have with the charts I’d done to answer my first question? Combining them into one table took me to the death of Yôsëph at 110 years old, which was the 285th year since @Avrähäm entered Kenaøan. Okay. Did Scripture give life years for any of Yaøáqöv’s other sons?  It turns out that it does. Exodus 6:16-20 has a short geneaology of Lëwî’s line.

Click here to read the story of finding out how old Yaøáqöv was when Lëwî was born.

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Musings on Side Trips

While my main journey focused on developing an Internal Chronology of the Bible, I took a lot of side trips along the way in seeking the answers to questions that came up. Some of these side trips related to the ICB and others did not.  Sometimes these side trips were simply research, but usually they involved my thinking about what I read or heard and reaching my own conclusions.

Since I found my side trips just as interesting as my main journey, I’m going to write them up and post them as Side Trips.

May the grace and peace of the God and Father of my Lord Jesus Christ be with you.